Strong Community Support for Peter Yu

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Peter Yu has shown a connection with the constituents of Colorado. It is evident that not only does he relate with the community, but he is exactly what this state needs.

Peter's mindset of working for all constituents and taking the time to speak to everyone in the community has been evident in his work ethic. Regardless of party affiliation, Peter makes the effort to discuss the issues with each and every person in the state.

“I understand that I am a representative of the people.”

Our elected officials are a representative of the people of our counties, city, state, and country. Peter understands that he is running to be a public servant. This means he works for you! With the understanding that he works for the people of Colorado, Peter makes every effort to take every phone call, respond to every email, and accept all invitations to meet. This mindset has created an incredible response to Peter's campaign and the excitement for him to be our next state senator is evident from everyone regardless of party affiliation.

It is important to bring all constituents to the table!

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