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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Peter understands that the people in this country who are affected most by an irresponsible government is the future generations of the United States. That is why Peter has founded the non-profit "Future Minds Project" to help our high school and college students understand the facts of the issues facing them today. We know that elections have consequences and before we vote for issues or candidates, we need to know the cause and effects of our voting decisions.

The children of our country have the biggest burden of any generation in the history of our country. Exploding debt and high cost of living is making the American Dream more difficult to achieve. Every economist in our country agree that we are mortgaging our children's future. Let's make sure that we know the facts of the issues facing our future generations so that we can assure that our children have the same opportunities and dreams that our founding fathers envisioned.

“Let's be sure that the future of our country understands the facts on all issues so that they can take the necessary steps needed to be successful.”

It is more important than ever that high school students and soon to be college graduates understand the costs of healthcare, energy needs, debt and financial security to assure they have a great life!

The future is now

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