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Health Insurance

In the United States of America it is important that each and every individual has access to healthcare.  The goal should be that all Americans have access to affordable health insurance without restrictions due to pre-existing conditions.  With the need to assure that all citizens have access to affordable healthcare, what is even more important is to have HIGH QUALITY healthcare where we avoid long wait lines, have immediate access to treatments and surgeries, and affordable medications.  We need to avoid the nightmare healthcare systems of England, Canada and Europe where citizens are denied treatments and procedures on a regular basis and where all citizens are taxed at rates exceeding 50% of their paychecks to pay for these low quality health plans.  Right now the United States of America has the highest level of healthcare in the world and we can maintain this care while also lowering costs so that every citizen can have the healthcare they desire.


It is important that all inhabitants of our planet care about the environment and do whatever is possible so that we leave this world in better shape than when we got here.  Since every person in this world breathes the same air, drinks the same water, and eats the same food, it is in our best interest to make sure we take the best possible steps to assure we are doing everything within our abilities to live in a clean environment.  We need to look at all sciences and be sure that we have all the facts and understand the true nature of where CO2 and Methane gases come from and who are the biggest offenders to our atmosphere.  In this day in age, the environment has become a political tool around the world that has received much publicity with information that may or may not be true.  That is why we need to do the research, understand the physics of energy, and not listen to those who are trying to push a political narrative.  This way we can be sure we have a full understanding of what steps are best suited to address climate change and global warming.


When it comes to meeting the United States energy needs, all options need to be evaluated so that our energy requirements are fulfilled, while at the same time keeping costs low and protecting our planet.  Americans can't afford high cost of living expenditures with energy as this will destroy jobs, restrict our economy and keep people in poverty.  In reviewing the sciences, we need to focus on energy that is cheap, abundant, safe, and good for our environment.  This will include a full review of natural gas, solar, wind, nuclear, and hydro energy.  The United States of America leads the world in reducing CO2 and Methane gases and this is due to the ability to utilize the boom in natural gas.  Continuing this trend, while also developing alternative energy sources, will assure we maintain and meet our increasing energy demands while also keeping costs low and the environment safe.  

National Debt

The national debt of the United States is considered by many as the biggest problem facing our country.  U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time (  We can no longer ignore the irresponsibility of our government mortgaging our children's future.  Currently our national debt is over 30 trillion dollars and is expected to exceed 35 trillion by the end of President Biden's first term.  The bi-partisan Congressional Budget Office has calculated that within the next 30 years our debt to income ratio will exceed 168% which will threaten our economic stability.  Once our debt reaches these levels, our interest payments on our debt every year will exceed 5 trillion dollars. This will result in every single American paying high taxes and a devalued dollar with increased inflation.  Currently, nearly three quarters of our budget go towards three mandatory government programs and the interest on our debt. These programs of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are unsustainable and must be addressed immediately so that we create a reliable program for our senior citizens and our future generations.  Currently 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day going on Social Security and Medicare, while one out of four people are now on Medicaid due to the Affordable Care Act.  These high costs programs are becoming insolvent with each passing year.  Our national debt needs to be a top priority and politicians who do not address this issue and continue to add more government programs need to held accountable.  An economy with high debt and high inflation is not a sustainable future.

Immigration and Border Security

The topic of immigration in the United States is a passionate topic and affects the lives of everyone in this country.  As stated by many of our political leaders, we are a compassionate nation, but we are also a nation of laws.  Breaking these laws is a danger not only to the citizens of this country but to the people who also make the attempts to enter this country illegally.  The rise in illegal border crossings is not only overwhelming our country and resources, but is an act against humanity.  80% of all woman are raped multiple times in their travels to enter America.   Border Patrol has found that more than a third of all children that come across the border illegally are actually kidnapped and have no biological connection to the adults that are accompanying them.  Many of these children then end up being part of human traffic rings where they are sold into slavery and prostitution.  The Fentanyl drugs that are being sent through by the cartels are killing more people in America each and every year and is now out of control as the crime and death rate is out of control.  In 2020 alone we had over 81K people die from this drug overdose crisis.  For these reasons alone, border security and immigration reform must be a bi-partisan resolution.  Former President's Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and current senate majority leader Chuck Schumer have all proposed stricter border security and acknowledge the need for immigration reform due to the dangers of having a weak border.  

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